In this month dedicated to self-esteem, our spokespersons have some new lessons of worth for you.

For 50 years, L'Oréal Paris has been delivering this message that does so much good and that each of us can and must make our own: "Because I'm worth it". The month of February is dedicated to self-esteem. What better opportunity to give a voice to these women and men who, behind their success, hide weaknesses, but above all strengths. In each of these videos, these spokespersons give their personal testimony and lay themselves bare. Because whatever their background, whatever their origins, their ages and their successes, the truth always triumphs: yes, each of them, each of us, we're worth it.
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Coined in 1971 by Ilon Specht, a young woman of 23, editor for the New York advertising agency McCann, the signature tagline of L'Oréal Paris continues to resonate in everyone's minds today. The first advertising message to highlight self-confidence, our world-renowned tagline is an empowering message that unites consumers around the brand.
“Because you are worth it” has since become the symbolic of empowering women of all ages and backgrounds, to believe in their own beauty and sense of worth.  The inspiring women, in all their diversity, who have represented the brand have appropriated this signature to make it resonate, not only for their generation and that of their mothers, but also for future generations. Since its creation, “Because you are worth it” has been translated into 40 languages. It has become an activist slogan that unites women around the world, encouraging them to fearlessly embrace their ambitions and believe in their self-worth every day. 
Drawn from the heart of avant-garde science, L'Oréal Paris offers every woman the possibility of having access to superior quality beauty products, whose formulas benefit from the most recent scientific advances, and to innovative services. Products at the forefront of innovation, accessible to all, which give women self-confidence, to help them take the place they deserve in society, to flourish and to be agents of change for a better world. For more than a century, L'Oréal Paris has made the scientific excellence of its cosmetics accessible to everyone, without ever compromising either their effectiveness or their safety. Thus encouraging self-confidence, one of the key factors that contribute to the emancipation of women. L'Oréal Paris has always defended the idea that all women, wherever they are in the world, should have access to quality beauty products at affordable prices, to help them have confidence in themselves, because that they are worth it. 
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