Our commitment for the planet

Less than 10 years. This is the time we have left to take up the biggest challenge we have ever faced: changing the way we produce, act and innovate to drastically reduce our environmental footprint and to empower our consumers to achieve responsible consumption.
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Because our planet is worth it - Our progresses and commitments for 2030

“As the world’s number one beauty brand, L’Oréal Paris is determined to seize the moment and to forge a new path to a more responsible future, to ensure a fair and sustainable transition across the beauty industry.”

(Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, Global Brand President of L’Oréal Paris)

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Improving all our products, from formulas to packaging

By reinventing its formulas and optimising its packaging to accelerate its transition to the circular economy, L’Oréal Paris is continuously improving towards more sustainable products.

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Helping our consumers to make more sustainable consumption choices thanks to our Products Environmental Score

L’Oréal Paris aims to become a leader in sustainability advocacy by developing tools designed to help, inform and encourage its consumers towards more sustainable consumption. The Product Environmental Score is one of our most significant steps in giving consumers transparent information, based on a robust methodology.

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Fighting climate change through women-led initiaves

Women are the first contributors to social and environmental action. This is why L'Oréal Paris has decided to support women entrepreneurs who develop environmental projects and act as agents of social and climate action. Together with its partners Women's Earth Alliance and Ashoka, L'Oréal Paris will support women-led environmental and climate businesses. L'Oréal Paris will invest €10 million in these environmental projects by 2030.

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